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Mineral Rules: govt comes out with two types of licences

 · Mining cost for steel companies to go up. There will be two types of licence/lease – Mining Lease and a Composite License – that will be …

What Is The Difference Between Prospecting And Mining Rights

2018-3-27 The difference between these two activities is as follows: Mining activities: In order to commence with mining activities, a mining permit or mining rights have to be procured. A mining permit can only be procured over an area not larger than five hectares, and may only be used for small-scale mining that can be completed within two years.

Prospecting Licence

Description. You may need this licence if you intend to conduct mining exploration or prospecting activities in Western Australia''s onshore areas. Prospecting licence holders can: prospect over an area up to 200 hectares. extract or disturb up to 500 tonnes of material from the ground. Prospecting licence holders may apply for a retention ...

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The Department for Energy and Mining regulates and administers these minerals through the Mining Act. This includes the prospecting, exploration and mining of minerals, and can include the production and processing of those minerals into a commercially viable product. Find information about South Australia''s minerals.

Metal Detecting Permit and Miners Rights WA

You must have a Miners Right In WA to go Metal Detecting for Gold. That link takes you to the Department of Mines and Petroleum link to a PDF " Miner''s Rights - Information Pamphlet " which includes the application at the back and the address to send the completed application and your $29.50 (as at July 2021 Note that this rises each year) fee.


Prospecting. and exploration. Various techniques are used in the search for a mineral deposit, an activity called prospecting. Once a discovery has been made, the property containing a deposit, called the prospect, is explored to determine some of the more important characteristics of the deposit. Among these are its size, shape, orientation in ...

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Prospecting rights and mining permits on my property

 · A mining permit is valid for the period indicated on the permit, but may not exceed twee years. It may however be extended for another three periods of not more than one year each. – Prospecting activities: In order to commence with prospecting activities, a prospecting right has to be obtained. Application has to be made for this right.

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 · Ensuring that any corruption or malfeasance is reported; Addressing ambiguities in the law; Halving licensing times; and. Regular reporting by the DMRE on licences applied for, granted and refused to ensure full …

What is the difference between prospecting and mining?

 · Study now. Best Answer. Copy. Prospecting is the act of looking for a spot where there is valuable ore, in order to mine there. Mining is the extraction of the ore from such a …

How do I obtain a prospector''s licence? Mining Association of BC

Mining Person of the Year How do I obtain a prospector''s licence? Find information relating to Free Miners Certificate by visiting Mineral Titles FAQ section of the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources website:

Prospecting licence guidelines

 · A prospecting licence allows prospectors and small-scale miners to undertake exploration and/or mining activities. Prospecting licences have the following characteristics (see sections 14B and 15 (1A)): they may only be granted over an area of 5 hectares or less; they may be granted for a term of up to 7 years;

How to obtain a licence for conducting mining activities

 · For many of the groups of minerals (II (b), III, IV and VI), in order to obtain an operation licence, the project company must realise the conditions set out for a prospecting licence, together ...

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Under the current Mineral Resource and Petroleum Development Act (2002), We offer clients with a prospecting, permit and mining right management solutions that suit their unique situations and budget. The following services are offered: Identification of potential farms and carry out mining license application on behalf of the client.

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1. Prospecting License. '' means an authorization issued by the National Mining Authority to an individual upon request working for his own account or on behalf of an entity which is regularly included in the register prospecting held by the National Mining Authority. Sample 1. Based on 1 …

Licence to operate: understanding the biggest challenge for mining in 2019

 · A recent survey by EY Mining & Metals found that more than half of global mining companies believe that licence to operate, or acceptance and permission from communities and society, is the biggest risk to their business – jumping seven places up the list from last year. Heidi Vella finds out why this issue is a rising concern and how firms ...

Apply for a prospecting licence

 · Apply for a prospecting licence. Prospecting licences allow prospectors and small-scale miners to explore or mine in an area less than five hectares. They can be issued to individuals or corporations. The licence provides the holder with the right to apply for a mining or retention licence if they identify a mineral resource.

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For all Mining and Prospecting Authorisation enquiries please contact Renee Janse van Rensburg Tel: +27 (0) 11 803 5726 | [email protected] Due to the change in the legislative regime in South Africa, mineral rights no longer vest in individuals, but in the state.

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Examination of permits for mining operations is a process involving a large number of players. From an operator declaring its intention to start exploration for ore to the start-up of a mine requires several different permits. The examination process is different from that for other environmentally hazardous operations in that besides the ...

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Prospecting licence application fee: DKK 3,000. Exploration and special exploration licence application fee: DKK 5,000. Application form. Fill out the relevant application form and send it to [email protected] Documentation on financial and technical capabilities. Submit a short description of the applicant''s technical capabilities.

Miner''s Right Permit

You will require this permit if you are a prospector or fossicker and intend to prospect for minerals on unreserved Crown Land, or on private land where the permission of the landowner has been granted. Prospecting involves the use of metal detectors, hand tools

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3.2 Primary Mining Licence -PML PMLs are renewed as per Section 56(2) of the Mining Act Cap 123. Special Mining Licence and Mining Licence (SML and ML) SMLs and MLs are renewed as per Section 45(2) and 53(2) of the Mining Act Cap 123 respectively.

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Department of Mines Government Enclave, Block 6, Khama Crescent (Ministry of Basic Education building, floor 4) P/Bag 0049 Gaborone Botswana Tel. (+267) 365 7000 Fax. (+267) 395 2141 Email: mines [at] Opening hours: 7:30 to 12:45 and 13:45

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2.2.6. Mining License (ML) (Section 90-101) After a successful exploration program, an EPL holder may want to start mining activities. In this case, an EPL Holder may to apply for a mining license. Depending on the deposit size and the scale of production, a


 · Jan 3, 2015. #8. Depends on the depth your digging at as well mate, Prospecting Licence covers works "not including" underground, to go underground you would need a Mining Licence. So if you dug out your hole "prospecting" and picked up on a lead or vein then started tunnelling/driving into that you would need to get a licence, but the licence ...

What are the challenges relating prospecting and mining licensing?

 · Ensuring that any corruption or malfeasance is reported; Addressing ambiguities in the law; Halving licensing times; and. Regular reporting by the DMRE on licences applied for, granted and refused to ensure full transparency. "An open and transparent cadastre system is an essential component of a modern mining economy.

Fossicking vs. Prospecting

 · This makes the fine for prospecting without a licence $15,400, the same for exploring without a licence, and a whopping $77,000 for mining without a lease. Please keep in mind that the discussion I''ve provided is my own, personal interpretation of …

OPL Vs OML: Oil Production Licenses In Nigeria

 · There are two types of Licenses issued to oil producers in Nigeria namely: the Oil Prospecting License (OPL) and the Oil Mining License (OML) with validity periods ranging from 5 to 20 years respectively. All the Petroleum (Crude Oil) in Nigeria is vested in the Federal Government, whose sole responsibility it is to control the resources and ...

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 · President Muhammadu Buhari has revoked four oil mining and one prospecting licences. The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), which communicated the decision in a statement yesterday, said the ...

Mining and Prospecting Licences

Mining licences and prospecting licenses may be granted for periods of six months, renewable up to a maximum of five years. Mining leases may be granted by the Director of Lands for a maximum period of twenty-one years. A royalty of five per cent of the value of all minerals won by a licensee or leasee is payable to the Government.

Prospecting Licence

The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrifications will monitor the performance of issued Prospecting Licences to ensure their validity and to ensure that Licensees remain compliant. Licence Renewal: To Renew existing Prospecting Licences, Licensees are required to lodge an application to the Director of Mines as per standard practise ...

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Prospecting, Mining, Dealership and Export Licenses have different requirements and Licensing procedures in Kenya. We offer a in depth consultation, compliance and facilitation service to Prospect and to Mine in Kenya both for Special and exclusive Prospecting Licenses and Mining Licenses. The Different Licenses include. 1. Prospecting Rights. 2.

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APRIL 2014 – ISSUE 175. This article deals with the taxation of mining and prospecting companies that are tax resident in South Africa and their non-tax resident shareholders. What is certain is that they are subject to taxes. Uncertain and even unpredictable are (1) the type of taxes and (2) the amount of tax that these companies would be ...

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 · DJPR''s licence application process is outlined below. Applicant submits the application including all compulsory information and pays the fee. Applicant supplies extra information if requested. DJPR accepts and ranks application and advises applicant. Applicant advertises licence application in local and statewide papers within 14 days of ...

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 · We recommend that you make an early assessment of the prospecting area and keep in mind that, unless an application for a mining licence (see below) is made, 50% of the area must be relinquished. Such a forward-looking approach can assist with costs and development plans for the area.