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Why you should always install new Banjo Brake line Crushwashers.

 · I''ve never understood why technicians "reuse" crush washers intentionally. With a little bit of planning ahead on inventory insurance, you will not have to ...

Normal to use crush washer before the shims on a Surefire …

Use one or the other. No reason to use both whe they do almost the same thing. If suppressing, do not use a crush washer as they don''t end up being even and often are enough to allow a baffle strike. I meant this forcible devices in general, not just specific to this

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 · This can be done by modifying the hider itself or easier by using a crush or peel washer. The link to to the ad you posted shows pictures (small insets) with it being mounted with and without a washer. Correct answer. A2''s need to be timed. Many flash hiders need to be timed, check with the manufacturer.

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 · Peel washers NOT crush washers. Crush washers are really for flash hiders, not brakes. Peel washers will allow you to time your brake while maintaining concentricity much better than a crush washer. There''s a reason that suppressor mount brakes ALL demand peel washers and not crush washers. Maybe you can get away with a crush washer but maybe …

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 · There are probably technical definitions but my thoughts are: 1) Even a cheap steel washer will be pretty hard to crush (flatten, make thinner) against a stamped metal (aluminum, steel, etc) oil pan. 2) You can crush a proper ''crush washer'' in these same situations. 3) You can deform both a steel, aluminum, or copper crush washer.

Shims or Crush Washers?

 · In this video I will show you the proper way to install shims for your muzzle device and explain why they are absolutely better than crush washers.Odds are, ...

Do I need a crush washer for the fill bolt for FD oil change?

 · All: I agree with all the above who say replacing crush washers is not needed. I''ve used torque wrenches on drain bolts. The BMW torques are always too high. All you need to do is compress the washer a little bit all around the bolt so it keeps the bolt tight and seals the hole.

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 · If you''re short a crush washer don''t make an extra trip to the store and try to match the one you need. Just do this! Your old washers can be reused monstr...

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 · You should not need shims or a crush washer to mount a suppressor on the Charger. Factory thread length is .4 inch. (Unlike a 10/22 that is. 6 inch and requires a spacer. Most if not all. 22 cans will seat directly on the shoulder I was told to never use crush

Crush Washer, how much to tighten, how it can leak

 · There''s a small amount of scoring on the crush washer after one use - it l... Compilation of 3 videos:*****01 . . . 0:53 . . . There''s a small amount of scoring on the crush washer after one use ...

Purchased copper washer non-crush; ok to use?

 · Joined Apr 28, 2008. 157 Posts. #5 · Jun 11, 2014. If it don''t leak then it should be fine. They both work on the same theory that you are allowing for slight surface imperfections to seal it up while making the bolt torque to a pre-load. What not to use is anything squishey like a rubber grommet or o-ring.

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 · Jan 16, 2008. Wisconsin, Wisconsin. steve said: While I''m not sure you want to do this with fuel fittings because of the risks if it leaks but in a pinch you can reuse a copper crush washer by heating the copper to cherry red and let them cool to anneal them. Then clean up the sealing faces with some wet sandpaper.

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 · 8,542 Posts. #4 · Feb 20, 2021. I have a large package of these oil drain plug crush washers (currently a Civic, two Accords, an Acura TL and my Ody in our family garage & driveway...and we do our own oil changes on all of them). Got out a clear plastic metric ruler and measured one. I.D. almost 14.5mm.

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 · 2,103 Posts. #3 · Jan 8, 2012. i think the RS crush washers are the same size and readily available in bulk. RockShox 8mm Crush Washers, Bag …

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 · Hold the washer in a pair of pliers and heat it with a torch until it glows cherry-red. (An ordinary plumber''s torch will do.) Once it cools, take a file and file down any ridges or burrs until the washer is smooth again. Now you can reuse it and it won''t leak. One more note -- you don''t have to reef down on these things to get them to seal.

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 · 261 Posts. #12 · Sep 27, 2020. Intentionally not using crush washers just because they cost a couple of dollars is false economy and relative to the cost of the oil and filter makes no sense. People who own Pilots and other late model premium vehicles aren''t so poor that they can''t afford a half dollar crush washer.

can you REUSE crush washers? (mechanics secret)

 · A lot of people ask me the question, can I reuse crush washers? With the right technique of making sure they are flat, you can. I have been reusing crush wa...

When should you use a copper crush washer on brake hoses

 · I''ve been reading over threads pertaining to brake troubles and every once and awhile I see a comment pertaining to copper crush washers/ copper gaskets. For the purpose of this thread I''m not talking about banjo fittings as using copper washers for this application makes sense. Picture a stock...

never use a crush washer

Crush washers are perfectly acceptable to use on any open aperture muzzle device, such as the standard A2 birdcage flash hider. However, our opinion is they should never be used on any baffle style muzzle device where the clearance hole is only slightly larger than the bullet. First, crush washers come to a knife edge on both mating surfaces ...

Should You Use a Crush Washer?

 · Unfortunately, in a recent bulk update most of our descriptions were wiped out.If this video is impacted by this and a link or code is missing please visit e...

oil drain plug (use a crush washer plus washer?)

 · Crush washers are the things you see at the end of most spark plugs. The ST1300 uses a sealing washer on the engine oil drain. Not only does that very sealing washer deform to prevent leaks, but it also deforms at the spec''d torque so …

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 · Most auto supply places carry these washers. They don''t necessarily have to be aluminum. They can also be made of copper or nylon. Simply take an old one to the store with you to match the fit. Originally posted by scrabbler: I hate paying my dealer an extra $1 for a single crush washer. ...

Timing vs crush for suppresor use

 · Putting a DA flash hider on my rifle, is there a reason why I should time it w shims, or is the crush washer method sufficient? It will not be pinned and welded so I can make changes later if needed. Obviously a crush washer setup will work, just wondering if there''s something I don''t know about about shims and timing

Crush Washer is it Important

 · In this video i will be talking about the importance of the crush washer on the Motorcycle. the crush washer is very important that will help with the longev... In this video i will be talking ...

Today I learned the importance of crush washers the hard way.

Direct thread-on shouldn''t use crush washers or shims. Assuming the shoulder is cut properly, you just screw it on and go. The only reason you should use shims or crush washers is to make it so a semi-permanent or permanent muzzle attachment is timed properly if it needs it. Crush washers are easier in most cases than shims.

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 · Best advice is to not be ham handed, use the proper wrench for best control and sneak up on final torque. The torque/small side big side/ surface finish resisting rotation etc. does not matter to a crush washer. Proper installation is dependent on application and system constraints. Also... potatoes make me laugh. CW.

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 · Elizabethtown, Pa. Mar 19, 2005. #11. Nissan uses crushed washers for at least 25 years. I had a B210 and maybe replaced the crushed washer 2 or 3 times in proably 40 oil changes-with nbo problems. My 01 Sentra gets a new washer every couple of changes if its lucky. Don''t sweat reusing them.

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 · Re: Crush washer for muzzle brake install? If you are using a suppressor, time it with shims. If you aren''t and just want the brake feature, use a crush washer. No biggie. Just don''t borrow someone''s can at the range without looking down the bore for alignment!